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5Church Restaurant offers multiple group dining options for brunch, lunch, and dinner service. We also offer beverage packages to suit any budget. Below are a few of our menu offerings, all of which can be tailored to best suit your needs. Please inquire for more information via the link below or by calling us at 704.919.1322.

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Meet Our Team

Meet Our


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Jamie LynchExecutive Chef

Jamie Lynch’s affinity for the high-octane kitchen life began when he was only 16 years old, worki...

Alejandro TorioOwner – Marketing Director

For the past six years, Alejandro Torio has been keeping the party alive in Charlotte. His talent fo...

Patrick WhalenOwner – Operator

With 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry under his belt, Patrick Whalen of 5Church Gro...

Ayman KamelOwner - Operator

As the managing partner of all three locations of 5Church, Ayman Kamel is focused on establishing en...

  • Jamie Lynch

    Executive Chef

    Jamie Lynch

    Jamie Lynch’s affinity for the high-octane kitchen life began when he was only 16 years old, working his first job as a dishwasher at a local bar and grill in a Massachusetts fishing town.

    He went on to attend the New England Culinary Institute in Burlington, Vermont, and work at such culinary heavyweights as Aqua in San Francisco and Le Cirque 2000, Aureole, Café Boulud and Tocqueville in New York City.

    Upon moving to Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2002, Lynch worked at new American bistro Ethan’s, meeting farmer Sammy Koenigsberg of New Town Farms. “Seeing his produce, the chickens he was raising and the flavors he was cultivating from the earth just blew my mind,” Lynch recalls. “Before I knew it I was spending all my days off there to help. My attention shifted to the product and how it got to the plate.”

    Lynch’s relationship with Charlotte’s sustainable farming community and the local dining culture grew from there, and in 2012 he accomplished his dream of starting his own restaurant with the opening of 5Church in the heart of Uptown Charlotte. He has since garnered many accolades, such as Charlotte Magazine’s Best Chef award in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

    His cuisine at 5Church speaks to the diversity of the restaurants’ owners and is a hybrid of flavors from all over the world tied together with traditional culinary techniques and a philosophy of showcasing the ingredients rather than overproducing them. With the opening of two more 5Church locations in Charleston, South Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia, he makes his mark in all three markets by offering both signature dishes as well as items that speak to each city’s geographical differences, from more meat-centric meals in Charlotte to a larger seafood selection in Charleston to playful, envelope-pushing dishes that reflect the unique cultural melting pot that is Atlanta.

  • Alejandro Torio

    Owner – Marketing Director

    Alejandro Torio

    For the past six years, Alejandro Torio has been keeping the party alive in Charlotte. His talent for providing the charming Southern town with fresh entertainment concepts and cultivating a cutting-edge ambience draws diners into 5Church before they even realize just how badly they’ll want to stay.

    Prior to moving to Charlotte in 2010, he co-produced numerous events featuring talents such as the Beastie Boys, DJ Mark Ronson and Moby. During this time, Torio also hosted weekly events at hot spots like Lotus, Centro-Fly and Marquee, earning himself a reputation as New York City's best promoter. With such a strong background in event production and promotion, Torio has seamlessly translated his past experience into hospitality brand management with 5Church Group (owner of 5Church and Nan and Byron’s).

    Now, Torio handles the marketing and promotions for the whole company, which includes all three 5Church locations (Charlotte, Charleston and Atlanta). He also serves as the communications liaison. The brand that Torio has developed for 5Church has garnered attention from such reputable news sources as The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune.

    A master of brand rollouts and grassroots campaigns, Torio’s greatest strengths are his ability to form genuine relationships and create a buzz about town. “I think restaurants are successful because of the personalities involved,” he says. “My partners and I are always at our restaurants, and we all bring something different to the table. As a group, we are able to combine our talents to wow guests from the start and make them want to stay for more than just a meal. We believe that dining out should be an event.”

    For locals, 5Church is the place where Uptown meets Plaza Midwood and Myers Park. The restaurant is an environment where residents and visitors can enjoy the combined elements of sophisticated décor, unique food, hip and friendly staff, and a varietal selection of beverages in a lively, artistic scene. Dining out should be an event experience for all meals.

  • Patrick Whalen

    Owner – Operator

    Patrick Whalen

    With 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry under his belt, Patrick Whalen of 5Church Group (owner of 5Church and Nan and Byron’s) has held every position from dishwasher to bartender to manager.

    His strategic ascent up the hospitality ladder, which began with a modest busboy role in a small neighborhood joint, has earned him a reputation as one of the top operators in his field.

    The opening of 5Church’s initial location in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2012 was Whalen’s entry into restaurant ownership, and his expertise in brand management, sales, operations and service has since earned him a designation as one of the youngest honorees to be chosen for the Charlotte Business Journal’s “Top 40 Under 40” and FSR Magazine’s “40 Under 40 Rising Stars.”

    That expertise has also given him clear goals for the restaurant. “5Church has a rebellious spirit. Our chef can source local ingredients and be creative on the fly; we can be inventive with the space, and our service can be inspired, generous and genuine,” Whalen says. “There is nothing cookie-cutter about our restaurants.”

    Delving into market research, design planning and business models has enabled Whalen and his partners to replicate the success of the Charlotte restaurant in other markets like Charleston, South Carolina, and Atlanta. But Whalen remains committed to his fundamental role – taking care of people. “Although brand development is requiring more and more of our attention, having ownership on site at all restaurant locations nearly every day is a top priority for us," he says. "We all really enjoy being on the floor with our guests and staff.”

    "Most restaurants are known for one of maybe two things” Patrick says. "Some have great food, and incredible design or terrific service. Rarely do you see all three in one place. At MAP Management, it is our goal to distinguish 5Church by offering excellence in all three areas of the restaurant."

  • Ayman Kamel

    Owner - Operator

    Ayman Kamel

    As the managing partner of all three locations of 5Church, Ayman Kamel is focused on establishing enterprise-wide goals and creating a memorable guest experience.

    “This is a 24/7 business that must be constantly refreshed and redefined,” he says. “The ability to think strategically is the most important leadership trait.”

    A New York native, Kamel is a principal with 5Church Group (owner of 5Church and Nan and Byron’s). In January 2016, he moved his family to Atlanta so that he could be on the ground managing all aspects of 5Church’s newest location from A to Z. “I fell in love with Atlanta many years ago, and it has been my dream to open a restaurant here,” says Kamel of his affinity for 5Church’s newest location. “Because we are so hands-on with our operations, we are able to establish the same high-quality dining experience in Atlanta that we offer in Charlotte and Charleston. There is nothing like having the creators of 5Church’s culture standing in the restaurant on a daily basis to greet guests and keep an eye on the product. It makes all the difference.”

    Prior to 5Church Group, Kamel was the executive general manager of the international entertainment group Big Bowl LLC, a firm focused on growth strategies, business improvement and systems optimization within the hospitality and retail industries. He previously served as an area director of operations for The Cheesecake Factory, where he was instrumental in positioning the Northeast region to lead all strategic development for expansion and profits.
    Kamel is also active as an advisor and board member for several hospitality companies.

    “I am very proud of the fact that we’ve built our company from scratch. Our guests are used to seeing us chipping in around the restaurants, and when my staff sees me doing this, it inspires them to work even harder,” he says. “There is only WE” isn’t just written on the restaurant’s ceiling; it is the 5Church mantra.”

    Kamel currently lives in Midtown Atlanta with his wife and two children. In his spare time, he enjoys watching soccer games, following politics and reading up on restaurant business news.